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Travel Series| Beauty| Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 my dears!

I've been away for the past few weeks for the December holidays and I'm super excited to be back and blogging! This month I'll be doing a Travel series where I discuss things that helped me balance out my skin and keep me healthy and happy during the last 2 weeks :) 

Let's talk MASKS!!

This month I've been doing a lot of sitting on planes and travelling to various different climates. Because of that, its been giving my skin a hard time adjusting to the different humidities and air qualities of each country, while trying to balance out the dryness of airline air and the lack of hydration that inevitably happens when you fly on long-haul flights. 

For this reason, I packed 3 Tony Moly masks into my suitcase for my 3 destinations!

London ~ Shanghai:  Toly Moly Tea Tree Mask Skin Soothing
It was a 10 hour flight, so there was definitely going to be a lack of hydration while on the flight despite my pre-flight moisturising and I didn't want to make my skin dry out! I'm not one to put on the mask while on the flight, but as soon as I got home the first thing I used was the Tea Tree Mask for skin soothing. It does a great job replenishing the loss of hydration from the plane. More importantly, because Shanghai is extremely polluted in the winter time (AQI 200....), it was important to make sure that my skin was calm so that I would have the least reaction possible to the terrible air quality. This helps reduce the chances of breakouts due to the unhygenic air particles lodging in your skin, and also sort of prevents flaking.

Shanghai~Singapore: Toly Moly Rice Mask Clear Skin
This is only a 5 hour flight, but its also somewhat damaging because its a drastic change in climate. Also, the humidity tends to cause my skin to either breakout or just cause a lot of spots that don't seem to go away for awhile. I wanted to make sure that my skin was not only clear of all the polluted nonsense that may have found it's way into my face, I also wanted to make sure that I had cleaned it out of the disgusting plane air to ensure that my pores were as receiving as possible to the stuff in the mask. Before putting on this mask, I suggest to clean your face with warm water and a light face scrub to exfoliate and then use a toner to ensure there's nothing blocking the mask and your pores. This mask helped me maintain my skin to be as clear as possible while also calming my skin down and re-introducing hydration.

Singapore~Singapore: Toly Moly Lemon Mask Sheet Brightening
By this time, my skin has been through a lot over the past 2 weeks- various climates (London/Shanghai/Singapore), levels of dryness and weather. I got back to Shanghai on the 31st, so I was getting ready to go out for a New Year's Party and didn't have time to do a mask. I chose this one so that when I did it on the 1st of Jan before my flight back to the UK, I would be able to replenish the dryness, but also the healthy glow that is sometimes lost after a late night out, a flight and scrubbing the makeup off your face. This allowed me to look healthy and hydrated, and replenished the healthy glow in my skin for a no-makeup flight back to London the next day :)

Hope you're all having an amazing rest of your holiday, that your Christmasses were festive and that you had a brilliant new years! I'm very grateful for the (few) people that read what I share and thank you so much for caring about what I have to say, haha :)

Have a brilliant 2015!!

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