Monday, 8 December 2014

Daring December :)

December is here and that means more fun wintery products to use! I've been trying out some lipsticks recently (and other products) to help transition into winter and I thought I'd share some of my handbag necessities ;)

For all your parched lip needs.... Mac tinted lip conditioner! Its an old favourite for good reason-- not only does it smell like vanilla, its also super hydrating and adds colour to your lips. It also has great size and its cute and small enough to fit into your handbag.

Soap & Glory Hand Food handcream! Moisturises, while not leaving your hands sticky or clammy. Long lasting scent and long lasting product.

Mac Viva Glam lipstick (matte)- gorgeous deep red shade, which is great for the winter days and transitioning into nights and keeping with the theme of the season. Also a good holiday colour. Very rich and adds a lot pigment to your lips while being long lasting. Plus, its easy to get off!

L'Oreal Illuminating Powder-- old favourite, but great use particularly in the winter. There's a built-in blush on the inside of the shiny powder, which gives your cheeks a wind-kissed blush while adding shine to brighten up the dull days. Also great use as a setting powder without adding too much shine to your face.

InnisFree Makeup 1 Minute Mask-- masks that help you put on your makeup despite your dry, wintery skin. Moisturises, tones and hydrates your skin and preps it for makeup. Great for winters, or drier days, where your face feels to flaky for makeup and you don't want to apply too much in fear that it will ruin your skin even further. There are 3 sheets in this pack, and mostly people put them on their forehead and cheeks to revive the moisture and the skin so the makeup can glide and sit slightly easier.

Bobbi Brown lipstick (unfortunately the bottom has rubbed off so I don't know which one this is!) Its a deep plum-y colour, which adds more richness than the previous Mac lipstick, which was more of a deep red as opposed to a darker purple. I love using it for going out, where it seems more easier to match-- I've yet to master the ability to make it work during the day, but I'm trying!

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch- One of the first places in your face where all the moisture gets sucked out is under the eyes. Its also where your eyebags are (obviously) the most prominent. This is a great product because it soothes the undereye area, relieves it from any discomfort and also helps with the revitalisation and moisturing of the skin underneath it (which, in the long run, will help with wrinkles). Protip: leave it in the fridge so when you take it out and apply it under your eyes, it feels cooling and helps reduce puffiness even more.

What are some of your favourites, let me know :)

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