Sunday, 23 November 2014

Winter Rainy Day Essentials

The weather has taken a drastic turn from sunny to dreary and I'm still getting used to it. If you're like me and wants to spend the weekends indoors to escape the incessant rain and wind, here are some rainy day essentials that will help you pass the time while you lounge in your cute pajamas!

You will need: 
Twinings Fruit Selection Tea to sweeten up your day! 

They're all pink and purple and fruity which are not only my favourite colours and scents... but also my favourite teas :)
My favourite are the strawberry & mango and blackcurrant, ginseng & vanilla 
hot tea on a cold day = yum yum yum! 

A wintery nail colour to dazzle your day
Winter doesn't always have to be cold and dreary. If you have dark nail colours that match the mood outside, feel free to emulate the character of winter on your nails ;)
This is the Shu Uemura in shiny rouge and the Etude House transparent top coat.

Pamper essentials
Winter comes with wind... and with wind comes dry skin. Make yourself feel more hydrated and treat your skin to some masks that will restore the moisture and life into the darkest of winters (; Also... using the lemon mask brightening sheet is a great way to cheer yourself up in the irony (hehe).
Here I have Tony Moly Lemon Mask Brightening Sheet & Etude House White Pearl.

Books for Inspiration
Whether or not its a novel, your journal, or some magazines for when the weather's got you down and you want to feel inspired by these amazing women, reading will always give you inspiration for style, decorating or for your next goal. I tend to write down things to feel blessed for when the weather is icky and wet, which is a great way to remember to keep positive and to remember what your main goals are, big or small!
I have Glamour (November 2014) , Elle and Bazaar (both December 2014) this month. Both Hearst magazines are doing a feminism issue where they are celebrating inspirational women and their style, as well as beauty trends and other trends this season. There were also doing stories about Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley, who are all wonderful women and great role models. If you're feeling like the winter has you confused and unsure about what to do and if you should even attempt to look presentable when all you want to do is drink hot chocolate and sleep, they will definitely inspire you and encourage you to do something small/big with your life, or at least, get out of bed and start doing the things you want to!

What are some of your winter essentials? Let me know!
Let's all band together and encourage each other... because winter is coming
Happy rainy day :) 

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