Friday, 14 November 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun: Firenze ♥ Part 3

Day 3

The most memorable thing I did on my last day in Florence was eat. Not only was it pouring, I also had an early afternoon flight so I wasn't really up for going out and about.

We brunched at this super cute cafe, La Milkeria. They basically have all kinds of crêpes, waffles and pancakes with massive portions and all kinds of flavours. 

The interior of the eatery was also super cute! It was cosy, colourful and quiet, which was great for a morning chat and to escape the dreary weather outside. 

PS: For those looking for iced coffees in Italy, which are actually not an Italian thing, this cafe is apparently one of the few that serves iced caffeine. 

Brunch consisted of waffles with strawberry jam, fresh fruit and Earl Grey! Karen's brunch was the same but with crepes. I wanted to have cream instead of jam, but they ran out so I had to make do with the chunky strawberry jam, which was fresh & homemade (I think) nonetheless :)

All in all, it was a very eventful trip. Frolicking under the Tuscan sun for a few days before the thunderstorm reminded me of what I would be waking up to everyday in London was definitely a shock, but the experience was wonderful nonetheless. Have you been to any places in Italy, or Europe? Share your experiences with me to!

And that concludes my Florence escapade! I'll be back to share more travelling experiences over the winter holidays and upcoming weekends, so stay tuned :)

I've also been out shopping recently for winter essentials, so I will possibly show my haul and my winter style inspirations lately. If you enjoyed this kind of content, tweet/instagram/share this post and let me know about what other things you want to see me share with the interwebs :):)

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