Saturday, 8 November 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun: Firenze ♥

Hello lovelies!!

So for reading week, instead of disappearing into the library like other good students, I chose to take a 3 day trip to Florence to visit a close friend of mine studying there. I've never been to Italy before, so I was very excited for the experience and even more excited for the food! I'm a massive fan of Italian food (to be honest, mostly a massive fan of pasta) but I was also interested in trying different kinds of food that I would otherwise not have been bothered to.

I've of course heard amazing things about Italy and Tuscany-- my dad goes there quite often and he has wonderful pictures of sun-kissed bridges and clear skies and quaint, Renaissance style buildings. Although I didn't manage to get into the museums (long story) and got fined 50 Euros (another long story), I was nonetheless quite pleased with my trip. It was a lovely experience and I am so excited to be able to share with all of you!

(Sorry if the picture quality is not as great as they should be... I stupidly left my camera at home and had to make do with the HD function on my iPhone.... sigh)

First Night
After a treacherous journey from Central London (where I live) to City Airport, I managed to make my flight! It was already night when I got to Florence, but my lovely friend so graciously brought me to eat at this super cute restaurant called Gusta Pizza-- if you just search it up on TripAdvisor, so many great reviews come up about it and honestly, it was one of the most amazing food experiences of my life. Like everything else in Italy, the pizza comes baked in a wood oven, and so the crispness and the doughyness of the pizza still stay intact without it being overcooked dough and warm.

We also headed to this super cute gelato shop by the Ponte Alla Carraia (basically its a bridge that crosses over the River Arno and links the central part of Florence to the next). Right by the other side of the river was this amazing gelato shop. It's called La Carraia  and aside from having authentic, Italian gelato (who doesn't love that), it gives you massive scoops or 1.5 Euros, which is such a bargain. The ones in the city normally cost around 2 Euros and they were neither as yummy nor as large as the one here.

Flavours I chose: yoghurt & wild berry (I tend to go for very frozen-yoghurt/sobert-y flavours, so apologies if I'm boring and don't choose things like Nutella and Tiramisu)

PS: I"ll try to link the eateries, attractions, etc that I visited so if you are ever heading there you can go have a look as well.

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