Saturday, 8 November 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun: Firenze ♥ Part 1

Day 1
Our day started off with some mouth watering carpaccio, cheese and rocket. Yummmm

Here are some snapshots from my friend's gorgeous campus..... It essentially looks like someone just implanted a winery into the middle of and educational institution. I felt like I should have been walking around in a toga and sandals.

While she went to class, I went out exploring a bit by myself. It was a gorgeous day and the surroundings I was in were just amazing. The campus was so beautiful... who wouldn't want to come to school everyday if they were surrounded by Tuscan villas and such gorgeous, bright colours? I set out admiring the architecture for a bit and drinking 99cent cappuccino, which was one of the yummiest things I had all trip.

What I wore: 
Flats (New Look), floral printed trousers, sunglasses (Tiffany & Co)
I was getting distracted by the sun while I was reading this newsletter, imagine having to study here... I would never get any work done. 

 My gorgeous friend Karen & I! (Karen's on the right)

Super cute garden where they planted their own vegetables and took classes about harvesting and soil and husbandry

Our next stop was Piazzale Michelangelo where we enjoyed a stunning sunset over the city. It was an incredible climb uphill but the view was so worth it!



We then enjoyed all-you-can-eat aperitivos (it's a light & informal meal... a bit like tapas I suppose?) at this wonderful place called Soul Kitchen. Unfortunately the website isn't working, so I attached the Trip Advisor site just in case anyway was interested. It cost 8Euros for all you can eat (and they changed up the food selection around every half-hour) and it came with a drink. One of the perks with this place is also that in addition to cold food, they have hot meals, which is great if you're not necessarily looking for a snack. I've never had so much yum before..... it was the best time.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Are there any places that you went to visit that you'd like to share? Let me know and comment if you'd like to share them with other people too! xx 

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