Sunday, 2 November 2014

Smell Pink! October Body Favourites

Happy November!
Hope everyone had/is having an amazing (and responsible ;)) Halloween weekend!!

Before October completely fades away and the Breast Cancer theme is forgotten, here are some cute pink things from the Body Shop that I've loved in October!

So I've finally gotten around to using this pretty pink strawberry smelling gift set a wonderful friend gave to me for my birthday and I thought I would share all the wonderful things that I've been enjoying so far. I haven't used it all yet, but in light of breast cancer awareness month and pink and because I like smelling nice I've decided to share anyway ;)

The pretty pink gift set in all its glory!
Strawberry scented 
L-R (shower gel, body polish, loofah, body butter and body soap)

Bar Soap
Its not only incredibly amazing smelling, but there is just so much soap for a single bar, which is a plus. The one thing that I dislike about this is that although it smells great in the shower, it doesn't really linger for long. 

Shower Gel (250ml)
This comes in a really great size because 250ml is just enough for you to use it at home and if you really want to, to take on longer trips. Also its the perfect amount because its just enough for you to get enough use out of, but not too much that you risk getting bored of the scent. It also looks very pretty and smells refreshing which is fun :):)

Body Butter (50ml)
I love body butters because they are creamy, hydrating and the scent stays with you for a long time. This body butter also wins more points because its 50ml, which means it fits the carry-on requirements for most airlines! So if you really want a refreshing scent and a pick-me-up during a long flight or just a regular day, you can carry this around with you to brighten up and make yourself feel better. It also feels silky, soft and smooth and smells like a strawberry sorbet. What more could you ask for?

What did you enjoy over the last month?
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