Thursday, 13 November 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun: Firenze ♥ Part 2

Day 2 

My next day started off as bright and sunny as the rest. God was gracious during my holiday.... knowing that I won't get any sun while in England, it was all sun while I was in Florence!

It was a particularly touristy afternoon, where I got to see the city centre abuzz with, well, tourists. Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit any of the big museums like the Uffizi Gallery and aside from getting fined 50 euros for not understanding how to take the bus, it was otherwise quite a productive day. 

I visited the Il Duomo di Firenze, which is essentially a massive, intricately decorated and breathtakingly stunning church seated right in the middle of the city. From the previous pictures with the sunset, if you look closely enough, you're able to see the massive dome atop of the mountain. I'd love to say I did my research and am able to tell you all about the amazing architecture and the symbolic value of the decoration, but alas.... I'm a Law student for a reason.

That being said, if anyone knows the significance and cultural value of this church, whether it be during the Renaissance period or any time else, do let me know! Also... if anyone is willing to tutor me in architecture, I would be greatly pleased. If you wish to read about my thoughts and feelings on the pictures I've taken of this cathedral, do continue scrolling (: 

Secret: keeping reading for FOOD PICTURES

The Duomo's exterior

The exterior design and carving of the church. This was of particular interest to me because other than this being a massive church, I was assuming that it was basically like every other cathedral/church I've visited in Europe. However, I instantly took note of the bright colours and the outstanding decoration on the outside (is that the correct term? Someone please educate me...) I've seen many other churches, for instance the Notre Dame in Paris and other famous cathedrals in France and other parts of the world, but none of them with the colour scheme and liveliness of this particular one. 

I was impressed by the sheer amount of intricacy that went into the walls and the paintings of Jesus and the other Saints.... look at the detailing on the doorframe.

The inside of the Dome. Typical mural depicting Christ and all his followers.... I think I can see hell as well? It seems to me that there is symbolic value in the way this is laid out; Christ is obviously in the middle and the most visible and the lower you get the darker and more visible the masses, sin and death is. I think I see people clamouring up in attempt to be close to Christ. I'm not too sure about what the top is, but based on what else is happening in this picture I'm going to infer that it has to do with saved souls and saints. Side note: I wish I had a picture of the stained glass

The next stop was on other side of Florence and to do that we had to cross the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Fun fact: Not only is this the oldest bridge in Florence, but also the heaviest because major and local gold, luxury watch and jewellery merchants sell their products here as well!

In food related news.....
Lindt shop by the Duomo that had the cutest festive decorations and miles and miles of chocolate and sweet treats

This tiramisu is proof that I've been cheated of proper Italian dessert for my whole life

Gnocchi with truffle oil. I've never been a gnocchi person, but despite this being a heavy meal, I would take it over boiled potatoes and chips any day. 

If you've been to Florence, what are some of your favourite places to visit and where would you go again if you could? Let me know!

Don't mind me while I'm salivating over my food pictures. Stay tuned to Part 3! The saga continues.... xx

PS: As I unfortunately have no recollection of where the gnocchi and tiramisu came from, if anyone has the slightest inkling please let me know! Much appreciation 

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