Monday, 29 September 2014

September Favourites: Music :)

At the beginning of this summer, I decided that I was going to delete my entire iTunes library and start exploring more music through Spotify and Soundcloud.  Basically for 2 reasons-- the first to be more bold with what I listened to and secondly, because I had continuously tried to clear out and tidy my music library but kept bumping into music that was just not fun anymore or that I just didn't like.

So this summer I've been listening to a whole lot of Spotify playlists and people on Soundcloud, as well as more covers and chill music on Youtube.  To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure about the kind of music that I like, I've had friends who are DJs and so I listen to a lot of EDM, but I also had friends who sent me lists of chill indie/alternative kinds of mixes, so I was very lost for a long time. :( So I took this summer to force myself to listen to all kinds of music channels and decide for myself what kind of music I like :) 

This is just a compilation of some of my favourite music channels/playlists on Youtube Spotify and Soundcloud and maybe some albums that I've just found, or have been listening on repeat for awhile.  I'm still finding out more about the kind of music and artists that I like, so bear with me if this blog post is all over the place :):) In no particular order & trying to steer clear of the Top-40s:

Chill/Funky alternative-ish music: Click here for the playlist.  Good for a night in and pamper evening or when you feel like having music on in the background but that isn't too intense.  Some of these songs are quite old and I'd never heard of them before, which was great because it introduced me to the artist and other kinds of music they may have done.

Remixes of songs that you already know: Click here to be directed to the MUZZA music channel. alright to be completely honest, I'm not entirely sure what the genres are (I'm completely musically illiterate) but actually I like this channel cause its a mix of songs that I know but also that I don't know and the remixes are fun to have in the background when I'm tidying or sometimes even studying, depending on the playlist. I've actually known this channel existed for quite awhile but since I never really explored the internet much for music, I didn't actually start paying attention to it until fairly recently --Also sidenote, this is my friend's channel so support it yay--

Starbucks Pick of the Week Playlist: Click here.
I don't know about anyone else, but I personally find that Starbucks has some of the best coffeehouse music choices of any other place that I've been in.  It's quiet but gets you happy yet relaxed and so this playlist is fun for having on while you're studying or just having a quiet night in.  Its a nice mixture of songs that you know -- they have Adele this week-- and alternative music that you may not know if you've never been out of the mainstream scene... or just bad at looking for music

Late Night Alumni Playlist: Click here.  This isn't really a random song playlist because it is a Late Night Alumni playlist of all their albums.  I love them because their music is super chill but has a great beat (I feel like its  called lounge music?) and I can play it all day without getting annoyed by the vocals.

For the most part, I've been using Soundcloud to listen to a lot of deep house (is that the same as lounge...?? Someone please educate me).  I actually listen to this when I'm having late nights because I feel like its super calm and soothing but at the same time doesn't make me fall asleep.  Also they don't all have vocals, which is great because if something has vocals I either tend to try to decipher the lyrics or sing wildly along, which is not helpful to being efficient.  Some of my favourites people to follow for deep house are: LCAW, Spinnin Deep and Cubi Colour.  

Songs & Albums
In terms of songs and albums, I've been enjoying everything from Queen Bey to Joe Brooks and Sam Smith.  Joe Brooks has always been a favourite of mine; the songs Superman and Kaleidescope are my all-time favourites and I can listen to them for days on end.  I've downloaded the entire Beyonce album and am particularily loving XO and Drunk in Love (no need for explanations there).  Sam Smith's latest album, In the Lonely Hour, has probably been my most listened to album on my iTunes, which is saying something because I generally never listen to a whole album and love every single song.  I'm super excited to see what else he comes up with because he's so talented and such an amazing artist!

That's all for this post! Its not conventional, just thought I'd share with you the kind of things I've been listening to over the last few months.  Hopefully I've been doing a good job branching out and listening to less Avicii and Katy Perry (not that there's anything wrong with that) and becoming more aware of the other kinds of music out there.  If you have any recommendations for channels or EPs or albums or any of those kinds of things for me I'd love to have them! xo 

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