Monday, 8 September 2014

August Favourites: Skin care

Skincare Faveeeessss

It's that time of September again! Since I've been working I'm (unfortunately) a week late, but I've chosen some products that I think will be of use to all those girls (or guys) who love to carry around essentials or need a quick fix in the morning or evening.

Body Shop Camomile Gentle eye makeup remover (60ml)
I bought this on sale for about £3? It's totally worth it because I travel a whole lot, and sometimes just for the weekends or for a few days, so bringing around a massive bottle of makeup remover is impractical.  Not only has this been a great lifesaver over the past few days since I've put on makeup basically every single day, but its also just been so hydrating and truly, gentle, on my skin.  I don't normally carry it around with me in my handbag, but on the occasion that I have (such as when I know its going to be a long day or I'll be back home late in the evening), I bring a few cotton pads with me and take off my makeup after an event or on the way home on the public transport (totally unglamorous, but its better than rubbing your eyes and getting it everywhere... and as long as you do it discreetly, you can keep some of your dignity ;) ) 

Vaseline petroleum jelly (original 212g)
This is an all time favourite, especially during the last few weeks when I've needed a quick fix in the morning.  I don't wear lipstick, so I moisturise my lips before I go out or before I swipe on a thin layer of gloss or pigment.  Its also great for after a long day and just dabbing it on throughout the day because its clear, keeps your lips moisturised, and doesn't irritate your skin.  Plus its full of other uses (I've heard it can help grow fuller lashes), and its small and easy to carry around.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (125 ml)
If you haven't noticed already, there's kind of a theme running.... essentially things that are scent-free, cleansing and simple.  I particularly love this one because its super hydrating yet so light on your skin, so you don't feel like its weighing you down.  Its also really affordable (its available in most shops in the UK and in most countries I've been to), but it does a fantastic job.  So for those of you on a budget and that want a product that's lasting and does everything it promises to do, this is your best bet!

Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Day Cream (50ml)
This is another cream and another Body Shop product!! Its a day cream, so its meant to be super light and hydrating and gives you a healthy glow.  It's definitely soothing, but its not as light as the Simple lotion, so sometimes I switch it up, especially when my skin is feeling particularly greasy.  The great thing about this though is that its super silky and a little bit goes a long way.  Plus, its super moisturising and even works as a neck care product.  Another great thing about this is that its only 50ml so its easy to carry in your handbag or travel essential bags.  I've carried this around in my handbag for the whole day and its never leaked out once, nor has it added a whole lot of weight to my purse.  Its also has aloe vera in it (the Egyptians nicknamed it the plant of immortality.... which bodes well for me) and aloe vera is a great product for treating sunburns and soothing dry skin. 

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