Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to School Series! Confidence

Hopefully this guide over the next few posts will help those of you going back to school or changing schools to feel more sure about yourselves and bask in the comfort that you are not alone (:

Number one thing I always felt the hardest to muster was confidence. Its hard, but its so necessary to ensure you have a great year ahead. There are definitely superficial ways to achieve confidence, such as picking out a great outfit or doing your hair or makeup differently than you normally do.  But its also important to have confidence on the inside!  Thats the kind of confidence thats the hardest to have.

How to Achieve this kind of confidence?!? Here are a list of things that I used to do whenever I got nervous to ensure that I had the best self-esteem on the day.

1.  Write down a list of things you are anticipating.  
Why is it that you're not feeling so great? Listing out the things that scare you can be a huge tool in making sure you are well prepared for the day.

2. Organise the list from the most reasonable worry to the least.  
Not only will you see that some of your worries are completely unfounded and irrational (in the nicest way possible), you'll be able to focus on the things that are most likely to happen and start preparing for them.

3. Have a Plan B. 
Ie. If one of your worries is that you're afraid you won't be able to cope with the workload, take steps to ensure you'll have the necessary materials that will help you be organised and get your work in on time. For instance, you can make plans to get a planner, form a study group, book study rooms, etc.

4. Have a list of things that you're excited about.
For whatever the reason you're anxious about school, there are a ton more things to look forward to.  Writing down the things you're excited about will help you realise that there are so many new things to be exploring, whether its new classes, new friends, or even a newfound freedom.

5. Set yourself some goals.
Whether you're feeling nervous about starting school because its a new environment, or just simply because of university applications, setting yourself simple day-to-day, short term goals will help you get through the first few days with the least amount of stress possible.  For example, if you're feeling unsure about your new school, you can make co-curricular ones, such as aiming to join a new club or society in the school fair that lunchtime.  **I always find that if you're anxious about making friends, you may feel more comfortable being in a society where everyone has similar tastes and interests than heading straight into the wilderness and picking out friends at random. Sometimes, in order to achieve social goals, its easier to set goals around them.**

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