Monday, 15 September 2014

August Favourites: Makeup! (Part 2)

Part II of August Favourites is going to be about my fave foundation and eyeshadow!!

                                  Estée Lauder Long Lasting Makeup Foundation

I have recently been able to branch out of my no-foundation phase and have started using foundations, whether it be loose powder, BB Cream type things, or liquid foundations.  This is super useful because during some mornings I put on loose powder if I'm having a bad skin day, and I can pop this in my handbag and carry it around for touch-ups during the day.  The only somewhat negative thing I'd say about this is that despite the fact that I'm in love with the size, the sponge is really small ): It's a bit hard to get good coverage for all over my face, but since normally I just need to touch-up certain areas (normally my tzone), its good enough for most days.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Too Too Pink
I'm going to do a swab of this eventually because I love the shimmer over the pink in this eyeshadow.  It's also super long-lasting, so that means you can wear it for most of the day without it leaking all over your eyes.  Also the eyeshadow says its "luminous" and it lives up to its name! Its shimmery and bright and pretty and has a really nice pink hue that matches with basically everything.  It can do basically anthing you want- if you just want eyeshadow for a day look, it looks cute and girly, but if you want to add shimmer and shine to another kind of look, you could lightly line your top lid with the shimmer and the pink will bring out your eyes and make 'em pop! (:

What are some of your favourites? Let me know <3

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