Friday, 29 August 2014

Working Girl Series: Black & White

Oops sorry I've realised that obviously I've missed the last week (hehe)~ But so I've decided to just pick favourites like the one I'm showing you (: (: Don't worry, over this weekend I'll take more pictures of the outfits I wore to make up for them :P

This was one of my favs because not only is it super cute, but also matches with basically any kind of shoes.  I'm also very excited about the vertical & horizontal stripe contrast on the top and the bottom outfit.  If you're a little smaller like me, the horizontal stripes on the bottom help to give you a somewhat fuller shape, which is always welcome.  The top was also great because it was a slightly shorter than normal top-- it wasn't a crop but definitely not a top long enough to tuck in-- which was also helpful for giving the illusion of a fuller body shape.  

Then, because everything was black and white, I chose a bright pink necklace to add some colour.  I'm a huge believer of no-monochrome, and so its helpful to add a necklace, sweater, or bag, etc to look less dull.  (I actually have a sweater but its in the wash right now).

Top: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21

Let me know if there's any sort of outfits you wanna see!! :) :) 

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