Sunday, 3 August 2014

July (Fashion) Favourites!

EEEEEEPPPP sorry its been forever since the last Favourites but this is the Favourites to tie up the July portion!  This post will be able fashion favourites.  When it comes to clothes in the hottest months of the summer, I tend to go for:

1. COLOUR: Blacks and monochrome and dark, dull colours are reserved for when its dark and dreary outside and not when you're experiencing a heatwave or sweatwave (ew).  That means prints, pops of colour and odd there designs and shades.

2. Comfort: Its hot, its sweaty, humid, you're sweaty and everything is just going wrong.... which is why in the summer, comfort is the key. So for me that means a lot of dresses, flowy skirts, fluffy shirts and of course sandals.... no closed toed shoes for me, thanks!

3. As for away from the winter as possible: I try very hard not to wear clothes that I could possibly wear during the winter months-- like staple tshirts, skirts, etc.  Summer closets are summer closets for a reason. Don't mix and match!

4. NO LAYERING. Its already sweltering as it is.

Fashion Favourites! 

3 pieces that I've found to be the epitome of all that is summer clothing, yet cute enough to wear a few times with variations of necklace or sandals.

I got this dress while I was on holiday in Thailand ages ago.  The bizarre geometric print, the colour contrasts of the bright blues and the light blues, and the hues of bright red make it the perfect colour combination for frolicking in the sea, a day out, or a brunch with your best girls.  I love the eecentric design and one of a kind pattern that you would never find anywhere else, making this not only a summer staple but a prized possession in my closet (:

I'm willing to bet that this is a pretty basic summer staple in everyone's closet.  I don't always find trousers (let alone shorts or skirts) in my size at Forever 21, so this was a huge accomplishment in my relationship with them!! I love this not only because it fits into my "colour" and "comfort" requirements, but also because high waisted shorts are great in terms of versatility.  Ie. for going for a night out where you want to wear something more comfortable but not necessarily a skirt. You can pair this with a cute top and sandals for a day out, but if you're gonna be out for the whole day just pop on a pair of cute heels and you're good to go!

Another old find from Forever 21! Its been mocked for being a "rave" shirt, but since I don't go to raves much, I'll just wear it for a beach/pool day/party, hanging around an amusement park, etc... basically any days that you're gonna be out and having fun but its gonna be hot and you're possible going to be soaking wet.  Its a great coverup, but also a cute design and a pop of colour that'll make you stand out anywhere.  Plus the yellow looks great in pictures under the natural sunlight and brings out your summer skin tone (;

What are some of YOUR fashion faves? I'd love to know (: 
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