Monday, 4 August 2014

Well Loved Products

As is pretty evident, some of my favourite things in the world are skincare products.  I'm a bit of a skincare/facial fiend, if you will.  I've used these 3 products so much that they've been repurchased till death, but yet I can't stop using them for various reasons.  Here are 3 products that I've loved so much over the past few years, but hopefully will not be the first things I buy when I hit the shops again ( I should really consider trying new things).

(L-R) Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator from Body Shop, Vitamin E Cream Cleanser from Body Shop, Dove Invisible Dry Spray on Deodorant

Alright first of all, the Body Shop's Vitamin E line is absolutely AMAZING. 
Why is Vitamin E so great? Well firstly, its great for your skin.  Its an 1. antioxidant, it 2. repairs and 3. protects your skin.  In a nutshell, this means that Vitamin E helps neutralise the damaging of your collagen, which can sometimes be caused from too much sunlight exposure, for instance.  Its also an antioxidant, which is something your body can't produce naturally, so its important to take in a lot of this whether through food or through skincare products.  You can make your skin healthier, more radiant and softer by getting enough vitamin E. 

Other ways you can get Vitamin E into your system are mostly through foods such as avocados and nuts.  More can be found on this list.  But if you're a bit of a skincare fiend, like me, using Vitamin E skincare products, especially when you're out at the beach or have easily damaged skin, can also be a great help.  To be honest, I didn't know much about what Vitamin E can do to help your skin until fairly recently, so I can't comment on whether or not I did see a difference in my face. 

In terms of the Body Shop Vitamin E line, I'm actually IN LOVE with it because it not only smells fresh, but it has such a fresh formula that is free of a ton of chemically induced smells.  As mentioned, I have super sensitive skin that reacts pretty badly to heavily scented stuff, and what's great about this is that it has a little bit of scent, but all the scent is natural and hasn't caused me to break out or anything.  Its has such a calming effect on my skin and makes me feel refreshed everytime I use it.  Additionally, because its not super rough and thick, I can use a bit of the exfoliator everyday, whereas with most products using it everyday will strip my skin of a ton of hydration.

 I will say that the Vitamin E cream cleanser is supposed to help you take off your makeup, but I've only had limited success with that.  But in general its a great purchase, and I'm looking forward to getting more of the vitamin E line (:

In terms of the Dove Deodorant, that stuff is pretty simple. I know deodorant is pretty basic and we don't always talk about it but its a necessity in our lives and I mean... why not right. I guess the main thing is that I didn't get a roll on deodorant and got a spray-on instead.  I know that a ton of people prefer roll-on deodorants, but I only use it once in awhile as it causes darkening and sometimes my skin gets affected pretty badly because thats a super sensitive area.  I'm still working on finding the best combination though, so I will keep you updated on that(!?) if  anyone is interested?!

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Let me know if you've loved anything or had a bad experience with one of these products! If you want me to try anything else, let me know! <3 

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