Friday, 1 August 2014

Fashion Friday: Top Picks of the Week

Friday is the best time for the top picks of the week! This week I'm going to focus on jewellery-- particularly 2 pieces of jewellery that I've been LOVING these past few weeks.  I'm not a very jewellery/accessory orientated person, mainly because I'm quite small in size and a lot of the jewellery that I'd wear would just make me look like I'm drowning in objects.  I've only ever stuck to basic stuff, like pearls, single pendant necklaces... basically very basic looking necklaces.  Its been very difficult to find necklaces that add to an outfit yet don't make me look like their weighing me down (literally and figuratively).

You'll notice that both these accessories are: 1. necklaces 2. from Forever 21.  I'm not entirely sure why that is... I have been spending a lot more time in Forever 21 this summer and I've also been on the hunt for very popping colours that can either add more brightness to outfits or that can make a look more polished.  I've also been looking for necklaces that I can keep throughout summer and even into the winter months, because I'd love to start accessorising more often despite the fact that its so hard to find jewellery that fits.
Reasons why I love this:
1. Black = versatile.  Wearable in the day with a casual outfit and at night when you're going for a more polished colour.  Its also great for in the wintertime because it matches the darker tone of winter clothes.  2.  I am also quite impressed by the weird quadrilateral shape because I feel like it could either add more geometrical-ish edge to a more mundane outfit or a formal/night out look to a more casual combination.

Reasons why I love this (excuse the massive atrocity that is a scratch on my cabinet):
1. Pink is my #1 favourite colour ever 2. It can add a pop of colour to a minimalistic top and bottom, it can accessorise well with beach/bikini wear/its a summery colour
* Also, I realise that the colour that it looks like in this photo is quite misleading, as its not actually such a bright pink and looks slightly duller and pastel-y in real life.  Unfortunately I used my iPhone camera for this because I'm on holiday, so you don't get the actual colour scheme.  I've already used this in one of my outfit of the days, so I'll link the description here so you can click on that or go on my instagram to have a better look at what the colour actually is.

What are some of YOUR summer favourites? Let me know!  Also look forward to July Fashion Favourites that I'm currently working on now (:

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