Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Week in Food: Semester Blues Edition (Part III)

Ladurée & Burger and Shake are the winners for taking care of my pre-term blues 

If you haven't tried Ladurée at Harrods at Knightsbridge yet, you are definitely in for a treat. Not only is the afternoon tea selection (French toast helloooooo) exquisite, but the actual meals are also full of creative tastes and palettes. Despite it being home to the most Tumblr-worthy macaroons, the dinner time dishes are as unique and are still served in their signature pastel-tinted plates. 

As part of the 3-course meal dinner set the first course was an authentic, the-thought-of-it-induces-hungry serving of French Onion Soup.


Next came the butter-grilled King Prawns and asparagus to complement the sweetness of the soup

And for dessert: Ispahan, the famous rose-petaled, lychee and raspberry, diabetic inducing pâtisserie which is bound to make even the most sweet-phobic person (aka yours truly) smile in its almighty, pink bubbles of joy inducing presence.

Honourable mentions (for obvious reasons):

As provided by the wonderful lady who served us and gave us our pick of the macaroons that evening on the house. Unlike other Maisons du Macaroons, Ladurée is much more straightforward and doesn't become too creative with the flavours and tastes that their desserts come in. Everything here is much more straightfoward, and for the most part your tastebuds will be able to associate the colour with the flavour. 

Rose and Raspberry Religieuse: Aside from the fact that its the cutest dessert ever known to mankind, its another example of how, despite the classic tastes and flavours that Ladurée has, the maison isn't running out of creative and saliva-inducing ideas that still have a spin on the cliente-deemed favourites.

Burger & Shake  is another winner:  when it comes to comfort food and beating the pre-term blues, this cute diner on Marchmont Street has never failed me. If you're looking for something that is more intimate than tourist and London favourites like Burger and Lobster, or Shake Shack, Burger & Shake is the best place to go. But being located in a small street in a less-tourist populated area doesn't mean it doesn't have queues- expect at least a 10 minute wait on weekdays especially around lunch hours because instead of tourists, you get white-collars and students. Doesn't change the fact that the food there is up to par; without the exorbitant prices though.

I thought I'd stray away from my term-time go-tos of burgers and try the sides instead. I was definitely not disappointed.

Honourable Mention Category in helping me beat my term-time blues:
Cabana at St. Giles- I didn't have the famous spicy chicken but I promise I will the next time I venture on a food adventure 

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