Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Week in Food (Part III)

Back and hungrier than ever before!

Singapore has some fascinating delights when it comes to delicacies... local cuisine aside, it has a varied choice for international cuisine, and the most exquisite when it comes to fusion foods.

The first "fusion" food of sorts is the chilli crab pasta presented by Cups n Canvas.
Chilli Crab Pasta ($22.90)
Located in one of Singapore's forgotten old-hangout locations that's recently making a comeback thanks to gentrification and office buildings, CupsnCanvas is a cute art-cafe that is the literal embodiment of food as an art form. There is a section where patrons can paint and creative to their heart's content, and a selection of pastas, all-day breakfasts, and sandwiches to anyone's content. It helped that the lunchtime pasta deal arrived with a free coffee of anything under $4.80, which opened up quite a large selections of drinks. The chilli crab taste was not lost on me- I could barely eat towards the end because of the authenticity of the sauce, and the freshness of the crab still lingers.

The Saveur Group's Italian venture- Concetto
Salmon ($17.90)
Concetto, like its French sisters, hasn't shyed away from the flavourful and delightful. The chef's recommendation comes pan-seared with a frothy blend of cous-cous and shallots, and the salmon is as tender and fresh as its cousins still swimming in the sea. The dessert menu, although delectable, wasn't sampled, although I can say from my friend's experiences that the tiramisu is a force to be reckoned with. Aside from the food, I was so very pleased with the trademark service and their attention to detail. I would suggest coming early early early. By 6:30, the place was full.

Savoury brunch at Paddy Hills
A pretty new addition to the Singaporean brunch scene, I would say. Even Lady Iron Chef  blogged about it!
Quesadillas ($18)
Stuffed with cheese, duck, and seasoned with Hollandaise (it says BBQ on the menu but thats not what it tasted like) sauce, these are some of the most savoury and mouth-watering feats of cuisine I have encountered this holiday. To be honest, I'm not the massivest fan of Mexican food, but I do make exceptions for quesadillas, because who doesn't want to eat rolls of meat wrapped up in cheese and bread? Aside from the fact that the portions were worth the price in terms of their size and filling-up ability, it helps that the meats and internals of the quesadillas weren't dry and flaky and there was just a right amount of cheese to give it flavour and moisture.

Bacon steak 
Because this is one of the newer items on the menu, and I forgot to note down the price because I was too concerned with stuffing my face, the price of this dish eludes me, although I will say that it was wholly worth the price because of a juicy bacon steak oozing with fat, butter soaked potatoes, and a hollandaise sauce to kill. 

Want me to go anywhere else? Let me know x 

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