Thursday, 28 May 2015

Brighton Diaries (Part 2)

Enter part 2: More food collections from the mid-week trip to the beach. Be warned!

Brighton Pier, April 2015 

Dinner at Meat Liquor 
They have meat liquors in other places around the UK as well- the one in England is behind the Debenhams or John Lewis on Oxford Street. If you thought eating with your hands is too passé, Meat Liquor is definitely bringing it back. Every single thing you order is served on this massive tray and you eat everything sans plates and probably with your hands. Despite my aversion to any kind of sloppiness, I have to say that this is an experience that comes alongside great food that you don't want to miss. From the ACDC playing in the background to the retro lights and decor, you'll feel truly at peace with your inner biker self. 

Lunch at Riddler & Fins
Our last day saw us having some top-notch lunch selections at Riddler & Fins, a cute, cool restaurant within one of the famed lames. Its slightly more upscale than the other places we'd experienced, but its a delicious experience nonetheless. The seafood risotto was exquisite, and the seafood was fresh and abundant. I also had clam chowder as a starter, which, other than being particularly creamy, wasn't much different from other soups. However, if you're going, you might as well give it a go!

Dinner at Smokey's
Reasons to go: Massive portions, crispy fries, and delicious coleslaw. Also, see picture of ribs: enough said. The old Hollywood decor and posters along with the wooden interior really add to the experience. But more importantly, you get to eat a gigantic portion of ribs that are well cooked, tender and drowned in sauce. You're welcome.

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