Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brighton Diaries (Part 1)

Holidays are my favourite thing, whether they're 3 month long summers (like now) or short breaks from city life. This past Easter, I travelled to Brighton, UK with two of my close friends and we had a lovely lovely time.

April is a strange time for English weather... even stranger than usual. There are some days were its unbearably warm, and other days where it seems like the sun has disappeared completely from the atmosphere. Not to mention the phenomenon that takes getting used to every single year- the sun setting later and later into the evening.

Despite this, the weather in Brighton was impeccable. The first day we were there it was foggy, but it was never too cold. On the second day, it cleared up and we hung out on the beach, visited the lanes and had some delicious food.

Lunch at the Regency
Seafood and Brighton go extremely well together. We had seafood overlooking the beach at The Regency, a famous seafood restaurant with lovely wooden interior and homey decor.

Tea at Jojo's
Rose tea and gelato at a diner-style cafe near our Air BnB

The Brighton Pier 
One of Brighton's most famous attractions. We were greeted with some lovely people blowing bubbles by the entrance and groups of tourists queuing up at the shops and games. It was such a lovely day! I enjoyed being by the sea and just exploring the funfair and having copious amounts of candy floss.

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