Friday, 24 October 2014

Wear it Pink! Products I've Used Up

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month friends!! :)

In light of October being breast cancer awareness month, I thought it would be fun to show some of my favourite pink products that I've used up over the past few weeks!

V05 Plump it up dry shampoo 
Not only does it smell like spring and flowers in a bowl, but it is also one of the more long-lasting dry shampoos I've come across.  Because its V05, its slightly more pricey than regular dry shampoos, but it smells incredibly and doesn't leave your hair dry and stringy after prolonged use like some other dry shampoos.  I'm honestly no connoisseur of dry shampoos- I've only recently started to use them but I've found them incredibly useful for when I'm going to be out for long periods of time and exposing my hair to a lot of dirt and oils.  Also, its packaging is pink and smells it smells like pink :D 

Dove Plum & Sakura Bodywash
Aside from this being the most silky and nourishing bodywashes I've used in a long time, the fact that it smells like spring and sakura flowers in a bottle definitely makes my evenings better. It also leaves a long-lasting smell, so if for instance, you're using it in the evening, you still smell fresh in the morning.  I've used it in the morning and gone out for a whole day and can still catch the smell lingering on me.  

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Lotion
This stuff smells like heaven and angels but also slightly edgy.  If seduction is associated with heavy scents and the colour black, this scent is a mixture of pink and black scents together... I essentially feel like this is the walking scent of Victoria's Secret.  It also comes with the cutest pink packaging and is very strong and long-lasting.  The only thing I'd say about this is that the formula is quite light and so its not particularly moisturising, especially if your skin gets dry quite easily like mine or if you live in a drier area or during the winter months.  Its a bit of a struggle because it smells quite heavy, so you feel a bit reluctant to pile it on eventhough it might not be moisturising your skin quite enough.  

Stay tuned for more breast cancer awareness and pink until the end of this month!

To learn more about breast cancer and donate in the UK: go to 

To learn more about the "Wear it Pink" campaigns, visit this website:

Also..... check out Tina Craig (@bagsnob on Instagram)'s pink challenge! She's doing a pink bag a day to raise awareness for this October. She's also very fab and extremely chic.  There's still time to get involved and raise awareness, it's not November yet!!

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