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September Favourites: Makeup!

Hello again, Happy October and welcome to September Favourites, Makeup Edition!!

Autumn is coming and the last few weeks have been a bit weird for makeup.  I'm not entirely sure if I should still be doing very bright and happy and somewhat colourful summery eyes and bronzed skin, or if I should be going back to darker tones and gold-y and bronze-y warmer eyeshadows.


I've never owned an eyebrow kit before and I figured that since my eyebrows have been unpredictable it was time to start learning how to fix them.  I'm still not entirely sure how to because I've just started and I have very thick eyebrows unfortunately, so I'm going to be learning over the next few months.  But what I love is that it comes with a blending brush for the various colours, a mini-tweezer and eyebrow wax.  At the box, I just realised, is also directions for how to make your eyebrow arch and how to shape & define your brows.  I'm also very excited for this because now I can start fixing my eyebrows on my own time :)

Eyebrow Kit, Barry M

Face Blender Brush, Bobbi Brown
Over the summer I've been experimenting with many kinds of makeup looks, which means there's a lot of blending to do.  While I love my Mac brush, this Bobbi Brown brush is smaller, which means it can get into more defined areas and blending makeup over specific places or even like giving a more blended foundation or makeup base.  Its also small, which makes it super handy to put in my makeup bag as opposed to the Mac one which is slightly larger and not as portable.

Master Duo Liquid Liner, Maybelline
After my last eyeliner ran out, I needed to find another liquid liner that doesn't 1. clump, 2.smudge everywhere and 3. was precise.  I've heard a lot about Maybelline eyeliners, particularly their gel ones, but since I wasn't sure about starting with gel liners for everyday wear, I chose this liquid liner.  I have been obsessed with this because not only is it extremely waterproof, but also the brush has a small ball-like thing on the end, which is super useful for easy application and makes sure that when you apply your liner, your hand doesn't slip and the liner goes everwhere.  It also makes it so much easier for cat-liners because of the precision.  It doesn't help the fact that I'm still terrible at putting on my eyeliner though, so I still don't get both sides even :(

Buff 4, Bobbi Brown
Another Bobbi Brown product! This is a lipgloss that I have been using quite a bit.  Its a nude shade with a lot of gloss and smells like vanilla.  I generally don't tend to go for things with a lot of gloss, but because its nude the gloss gives a lot more pop to your lips.  Also its so tiny and cute and makes it easy to carry everywhere.  The only thing that I'm a bit sad about this though is that the applicator is a brush, and sometimes the bristles can be a bit annoying and a bit hard to put on for precise application.

Gold Master Kajal Kohl Eyeliner, Maybelline
I'm not sure if I've already featured this, but I think I have.... if not, I only have 2 things to say about this: 1.  Its GOLD so why anyone should like this should be pretty self-explanatory... 
  2. Its a kohl liner so its easy for application on top of a black line. 

Top: Barry M Brow Kit
Bottom (L-R): Bobbi Brown Face Blender, Bobbi Brown Buff 4 Lipgloss, Maybelline Kohl Gold Liner, Maybelline Liquid Liner Black

What are some of YOUR September makeup favourites? Let me know!! Also let me know if you have tried these and loved them :)

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xx and have a great weekend! Stay safe :}

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