Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Style Inspiration: Summer Glamour

Style Inspiration of the Day! Blair Waldorf

She will always be Queen B to me! Whether its in her school uniform or at the ballet, she is always impeccably dressed and the most put-together person.  (I know the show ended ages ago but style is timeless hehe).  Here's one (of many more posts to come) of my favourites that are classic yet embody the spirit of summer... and at the same time reminiscent of the Upper East Side's Queen.                                


Pocketful of Sunshine

 She may not exactly be the brightest ray of sunshine in Manhattan, but this outfit definitely comes close! The yellow and orange colour combinations are perfect for the sunshine.  Although the patterns and colour scheme on the skirt might clash with the frills on the shirt, the orange Brian Atwood pumps and embossed leather tote are a great equaliser for both as it brings out the orange in the skirt as well as the simplicity of the top.   My personal choice for a skirt tweak would be a similar style this geometric print skirt from P.A.R.O.S.H.  Its a bit overwhelming and would probably require a less "loud" handbag or necklace and since it would look more casual, maybe a pair of sandals would go better instead of heels.

 Although I adore the necklace the directors chose for this shot, there are a few other ones that I would have chosen to go with (I'll try to find where the actual necklace came from- the closest one I can get is this one from Juliet & Company):

Simple, yet different: this Orielle pearl necklace from Ashley Clarke doesn't exactly match the colour scheme of the outfit and the gold and pearl can be a bit much, so it might require slightly tweaking the outfit- maybe another skirt with less of a contrasting print, or a plain orange skirt instead.

Classic: Something Audrey Hepburn (and by extension, Blair Waldorf), would probably have a plethora of ... but its worth mentioning anyway.  This Givenchy White Pearl & Gold necklace is definitely something that would go well with any kind of outfit, whatever the occasion.

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