Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Arts & Stuff: Miss Dior Showcase!

In the beginning of summer, my sister and I went to the Miss Dior Exhibition at the Shanghai Sculpture Space.  I was really excited because not only was this showcasing some of the Dior House's famous works, it was also a great opportunity to explore one of the more hipster places of Shanghai.  Unfortunately I'm not much of a hipster myself, but this was a great chance to explore the more artsy side of Shanghai.  This article offers more description about the exhibition and what its aims were.  I was super excited when I heard about this because it opened during the same time as the Shanghai International Film Festival and a lot of major celebrities and fashion icons were at the opening.  Its super exciting to see Shanghai becoming such an internationally recognised city and such an integral part of the fashion industry.

I would definitely recommend going to visit the Sculpture Space! Its slightly different than regular Shanghai because its more old fashioned, but its still located in the old French Concession so the European architecture and the layout of the buildings is still very reminiscent of the Old Shanghai.  There's even a Make Up Forever Academy in the area, so for those make up enthusiasts in the Shanghai area..... its definitely a place to stake out at (;

Of course they had to feature the Miss Dior parfum! I actually don't own this scent, which is odd because every time I see it I always make a beeline towards it.  You can't really tell from this picture because of the awful angle and terrible shooting skills, but the parfum was actually mounted from the ground in this  chic little exhibition booth. It perfectly captured the essence of timelessness and girliness that the perfume emulates.

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