Thursday, 10 December 2015

Myriad of Masks: Unmasking the Masks 1

Unmasking some new masks!

A myriad of masks in the world makes finding the perfect one(s) very difficult, so I've tried to narrow down the choices for all those in the world looking for their next new skin secret. In each post I'll have at least one "first impressions" mask where I open the packet and discuss how I feel about the mask I've just unmasked, and another section where I talk about old favourites :) 

First Impressions
For those tired, drained and dull eye area days, I've chosen Dr Morita, a Taiwanese skincare brand that's been making the rounds around the eyecare vine. I'm particularly enjoying the fact that its not just the immediate undereye area that gets covered, since the cheekbones and cheek area also get hydrated by this mask. I actually instantly regretted using this mask as soon as I opened it- when I saw the shape and the coverage, I realised it could be a great travel asset for long flights. The fact that it was super hydrating and nourishing didn't help my regret level.

Nourishment/hydrating: 5/5
Skin clarity: 4/5
Skin coverage: 5/5
Brightening: 4/5- honestly didn't see that much of a difference 
Travel-ready? 4/5 for size and 3/5 for packaging- it was slightly larger than regular eye patches so it might take up slightly more space in a handcarry handbag

Enjoy a rare picture of me~


Old Favourites: Innisfree Aloe and Manuka Honey mask

Nourishment: 4/5- I put it on before I went to bed and the next morning I definitely felt a difference but didn't feel the nourishment stay throughout the daySkin clarity: 4/5- If used regularly, you can tell the difference Skin coverage: 4/5- slightly awkward around the eyes Brightening: 4/5- If used regularly, there is a difference Travel-ready? No- don't generally use whole face masks for travel, but would consider bringing the aloe for hydrating and brightening purposes especially for long haul flights

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