Monday, 9 February 2015

My Week In Food (Part I)

Heya everyone!

Sorry for the long pause, but the past month has been absolutely mad. On the bright side, I've finally had a few free moments and I realised that there's something that I've yet to start blogging about, which is food! Food is one of my passions and if I had the choice I'd be able to eat anytime, anywhere. I've decided to create a new series which will be tremendously fun to me and (hopefully) fun to people reading it! I'll be writing about my favourite dishes of the week and sharing pictures!

Carluccios- Spaghetti al la Bianco (\approx \!\, £11.95) 
My favourite spaghetti for 2 reasons: 1. seafood and 2. seafood. Carluccio's has some of my favourite seafood spaghetti because its fresh, the spaghetti quality is impeccable and the portion is worth the price. It can be a bit of a splurge, but its a lovely place to have a chat with friends and stay for a few hours. Plus, if you get there during lunch time, they have a 2 course meal for around £11 and you can choose a starter and main, or main and dessert. If you're getting dessert, my tip would be to try a tiramisu-- I'm a bit of a tiramisu fiend and this is definitely worth the hype.

Spaghetti House- Spaghetti al la Bianco (\approx \!\, £13)
Spaghetti House pasta is slightly more expensive, and I can see why. The pasta texture here is slightly thinner and not as heavy, and its more savoury than the dish at Carluccios. There's not as much seafood in this though, and the garnishing and tomatoes aren't as fresh, but its still worth it nonetheless. PS: If you're not too hungry, I'd recommend getting the platter where you can share one massive pasta amongst two people- it only costs £18 in total and you can splurge on dessert!

Patisserie Valerie- Pecan pie (\approx \!\, £4.95)
I had this pie in Exeter while visiting friends, but since Patisserie Valerie is a chain I'm sure you can find it at other shops as well. I was going for their apple pie (which I've tried before and was absolutely blown away), but since they ran out I had to try the pecan. To be honest I wasn't entirely too keen on it, since I'm not the biggest fan of pies in general, and I've generally tried to stay away from the ones with nuts. But I'm so glad I stepped out of my dessert comfort zone to try this one! Its savoury, sweet and the ice cream on the top makes a pleasant sensation. BUT the thing that I was the most impressed with was definitely the roasted pecans. They were incredible; melted in your mouth, weren't too sweet and crunch noises they made were incredibly satisfying. Have this with a spot of tea, it will brighten any dull day up and satisfy your dessert craving

Five Guys- Bacon Cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and lettuce Carluccios-  (\approx \!\, £8)
Five Guys is renowned the world over for their incredible burgers-- fresh patties, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, mouth-watering sauces, unique chips.... the works. In the end though, I think what I loved about this was that it was so amazing that I was scraping off the cheese on the foil with such vigour and unconsciously while chatting with my friends. This picture speaks for itself. It's definitely greasy and laced with high cholestrol, but that's when you know its a good burger.

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