Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lunchtime: The Providore @ Mandarin Gallery!

Mandarin Gallery in Singapore has some fantastic food choices, but unfortunately I seem to always return to an old favourite: Wild Honey.  So this time, I decided to be slightly more adventurous and have lunch at The Providore, which serves Western-type meals which are a lot healthier and use less oil/grease compared to other restaurants.

If anyone from Singapore is reading this, The Providore is essentially under the same label as Jones the Grocer, which is known for its yummy, yet non heart-pain inducing foods.

I opted for the lobster macaroni and cheese and a homemade berry tea.  I was very impressed with the lobster mac and cheese; the lobsters were fresh and the chef was (satisfyingly) not stingy with the lobster.  The cheese was very light and creamy, and what I noticed was that when I was done with the portion the cheese only left a slight film of oil on the bottom of the pan, as opposed to some restaurants where the mac & cheese is literally swimming in grease.  The only (slight) criticism I would have is that the macaroni wasn't very well-cooked and was still slightly hard to bite, but I was willing to overlook that on account of how well-fed I was.

My other favourite was the berry tea.  I'm slightly obsessed with iced teas during the summer-- regardless of what flavour or what kind.  I chose a berry tea because it reminded of the Boston Iced Tea which I love-- cranberry juice, black tea and sometimes lemon or strawberry mix depending on your person.  But this tea was refreshing, sweet-- and although I normally hate juicy bits in my tea-- the juiciness and the sweetness of the strawberry and berry bits was such a treat for the tastebuds

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the refreshingly minimalistic decor, so here are some pictures I borrowed off some Singaporean food bloggers (sources at the bottom of the picture).  I wish I could eat this everyday, but unfortunately my wallet is connected to my bank account.  If only it rained money ): 

Any idea where I should eat next? Let me know (:

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