Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beach Day Outfit!

Necessities for a Beach Day!

Summer is coming to a quick end and hopefully everyone is out there enjoying the last few weeks (or days) of sun filled fun.  Here's a quick rundown of what I'd bring if I was on the way to a fun filled day under the soleil.

1. Get a cute outfit-- something floral and flowy.  I always opt for bright colours when it comes to dresses.  Whether its just a beach/hot day hang out by the hotel bar or by the pool, you need something that you can either use as a cover up for a bikini or just a cute sun dress.  This dress was bought on holiday, but here are some other options that are similar to bright sundresses:

Plain sundresses as featured on Teen Vogue
Printed sundress from Next! -- Love how this one comes in two colours.  I'd personally go with the orange for a sunnier vibe
On a slightly more expensive note, this Lara dress is the perfect evening beach outfit, in case you were at a resort/cruise and they were having a formal night or something of the like.  The plunging neckline and low back add to the allure of the print.  Also, the length and diamond-like quality of the dress adds a whole lot of glamour to a flowy and fun skirt.
If you're opting for a shorter dress but still floral and formal, this Next option may be for you! Match it with a cute beaded bag, nude heels/sandals for a night out by the sea and you're good to go (:

2. Purse: Victoria's Secret -- you always need a small fun purse to bring out and carry some necessities for a day out.  This is the perfect purse to bring for a day out all the way till an event in the evening, and because its black, it matches with so many outfits! Another one of my faves for a bag is a beaded purse-- like this one on Etsy.

3. Fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The bottle design already has a huge flower-- its basically asking to be used in the summer time! Other favourite scents are: Princess by Vera Wang (because it basically smells like a field of flowers) and Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. See a whole list of summer fragrances (by Glamour 2012) that I also 100% approve of ;) 

4. Makeup: L'Oreal Lumi Magique, Maybelline Sun Dream, Mac Viva Glam, Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15.  Aside from the importance of looking bronzed and fresh during your hang out, its also important to be safely protected from the sun! This lip conditioner is a great way for your lips to stay hydrated, while adding a bit of colour and solar protection.  (The lipstick is just if you're going for a darker lip during the evening)

One thing that I haven't featured here that's also SUPER important is SUNSCREEN.  You need to be protected wherever you are, or else run the risk of getting skin cancer. Here's a list from Allure about some of the best sunscreens.  This list was published in 2013, but I revisited it a few times this year and during the spring when I was getting ready for summer. My personal favourites are the Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid SPF 50 and the Kiehls Activated Sun Protector SPF 50.  They're both liquid based and eventhough they're SPF 50 the consistency of both are not thick and creamy, and they have as little of a fragrance as possible.  The lightness of the cream is always useful for a hot day when you want as little as possible on your skin.  Plus SPF 50 is very helpful in the sun because you want to stay protected for as long as possible!

What are some of your favourites? (: 

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