Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Back to School Essentials: Makeup!

Since many of us are going back to school in the next few weeks (or have already started), I thought it would be super appropriate to start a Back to School Essentials Series!  It will focus on various aspects about "back to school",  like makeup, skincare, stationery......whether it be uni, junior school or high school, I hope you find this series super useful and gives you more ideas (and excitementt!!!) about going back to education and learning :):)

This post, it's all about makeup! When you're going back to school, makeup is not necessarily the #1 essential, but its nice to look forward to doing something in the morning.  I started wearing proper makeup to school when I was about 15, but I didn't really know what I was doing and I was just trying out different styles and kinds of products.  But now looking back, if I were a more experienced make-up guru, I would've gone for the basics-- pinks/nudes/cover ups.  Nothing too fancy and nothing too overdone-- after all, you are at school to learn and not show off your beauty skills! (And also, imagine the time you'd need to have for quick fix ups in between lessons!)

                                                             1. Mascara

With eyes, its always important to keep in mind that less is best.  Too much eye makeup may not be appropriate in some schools, but if you're looking for something that makes your eyes pop and give you some confidence, mascara and lashes is the way to go.  I've always found that a good mascara is a great investment because it has an amazing effect on your eyes and really makes your eyes stand out.  I've also chosen a waterproof mascara because you don't want your mascara melting all over the place as you're changing from class to class! Also, I've chosen Maybelline because if you're a student and on a budget, its a great place to start looking for basic mascaras that really make a difference.  Here, I've opted for:
VINYL eyelash curler
Maybelline The Falsies (waterproof) and Maybelline Colossal Volum

2. Blush

Blush is a cute way of adding colour and life into your tired, worn out complexion. If your school doesn't approve much makeup, a subtle pink shade will do the trick.  I've also shown a Illuminator from L'Oreal (with a built-in blush), which is another great way to brighten up your skin or give yourself that extra oomph factor (who says makeup needs to be for other people??) that makes you feel more confident and ready to face the multitude of tests and meetings that are waiting for you.  Here I've opted for:
                                L'Oreal Illuminating Powder in 02 Rose Radieux
                                        Bobbi Brown Blush in Nude Beach #28

                                                           3. Brushes!
With makeup, its important to have basic tools to help you apply your makeup properly and evenly all over your visage.  To keep it short and simple: here is a Body Shop Face & Body Brush and Mac 129SE blush brush.  They are versatile, not too expensive and a great long term investment.

4. Products for your Nooks & Crannies

Here, I've featured miscellaneous products (again, from Maybelline) that help perfect the nooks and crannies of one's face (;  The brow pencil and concealer fall into that category because they cover some of the most unco-operative portions of your face, ie. eyebrows and pores/spots/eyebags.  Now, here's a disclaimer: I do not have perfect eyebrows, but the brow pencil helps me pretend I do.  It comes with a brow brush, which helps me keep my ridiculous brow hairs in order (most of the time).  However, that isn't a negative review on the product; just a testament to how unruly my eyebrows can be.  This concealer is also great because although it says "Eraser Eye", it works basically everywhere else that you feel like you have blemishes.  I personally find that although its targeted for the eye area, it actually does a better job covering up spots (especially since my skin has been ridiculous in humid weather).  The only thing I'd caution about is that because the concealer comes in a sponge, sometimes it may be more hygenic to use your (CLEAN) fingers or a brush, because applying the sponge to the area that you want to cover up may cause bacteria to be stuck on the concealer (; and you definitely do not want that.......
 These products are also both from Maybelline and are, as a result, more affordable for students on a budget (:
Maybelline Brow Pencil (in blonde)
Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Concealer

FINALLY, YOU NEED A CUTE PURSE to store all your products and keep them away from dirt.  Here are some super cute options for girls on the go:
This classic and chic Forever 21 pouch
This sleek & simple design from Topshop
And for those of you who are willing to open your purse strings even further...... some more super sweet options compiled by The Zoe Report 
Of course, these are all just ideas.  Feel free to use your own makeup purses, or just random purses lying around! This is a great opportunity to use the purse you bought ages ago but never had a chance to use it.  There is no wrong answer when it comes to makeup bags!

What are some of YOUR essentials? Do let me know <3 Happy learning!

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